To lead a fundamental shift from unconscious entrepreneurialism to Enlightened Continuity.

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Our goal is to make your experience with insurance and planning a positive one.

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We do planning and provide insurance from a unique perspective.

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It's about the continuity of your affairs...

Helping businesses and professionals insure continuity since 1987, Cove Continuity Advisors Inc. and its associated advisors serve more than 400 professionals and business families in BC, Alberta and Ontario. Our advisors range in experience from 20 to 40 years insuring and planning for high income clients. We serve individuals and their families across a broad spectrum of the net worth and income scale from beginning professionals and start-up companies to multi-generational ultra-high net worth family enterprises. Some families have been with us for more than 25 years and we have grown our capabilities through direct experience and intentional learning to meet their needs.

Income is the underpinning of both lifestyle and asset accumulation.

Our clients highly value our Income and Asset Modelling (IAM). It provides an opportunity to peer into your the future and watch your financial affairs unfold before your eyes. Your personalized IAM provides a benchmark for discussions to determine the suitability of planning strategies, products and solutions allowing you to properly evaluate their cost, impact and effectiveness.

When income is interrupted for any reason, lifestyle and assets could be at risk. Projecting income over the long term is the first step in understanding future financial health as well as the gaps that put financial health at risk. Some of those risks can be mitigated using insurance. We provide the right insurance solutions to fill the gaps once they are identified. 

Take advantage of our depth of experience. We offer a Simplified IAM FREE to clients and anyone considering engaging Cove or our associated advisors as their continuity and insurance advisory firm. We also offer in-depth analysis and comprehension planning on a fee basis for more complex planning engagements.

Call now for your complimentary appointment and FREE Simplified IAM .

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